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Beijing Import and Export Enterprise Association


Beijing Import and Export Enterprise Association, directly under Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, authorized and registered by Beijing Administration Office of Association, is a business organization titled “body corporate”, serving import and export enterprises in Beijing .

The association accepts Beijing enterprises which have the right to run import and export business or serve the import and export business as its members. By the early half of 2004, more than 1000 enterprises had been accepted , including foreign trade import and export enterprises, manufacture enterprises running export business under self-support, industrial trade enterprises, technical trade enterprises and some foreign funded enterprises. Now it continues to accept enterprises which can meet the requirements.

Serve enterprises and the government, act as not only the bridge between the government and enterprises but also the tashe between enterprises, preserve enterprises’ lawful rights and interests, promote the business, and advance the development of foreign trade business in Beijing.

Job content:

Coordinate the relationship between government and enterprises, or enterprises themselves.

Help enterprises firmly carry out policies, laws, regulations published by the government.

Preserve lawful rights of enterprises, give the government advice for enterprises.

Take part in the course of making policies related to enterprises with the government, finish the work authorized and consigned by the government.

Maintain the peaceful competition environment among enterprises, promote exchange and cooperation between them.

Provide our members with international commercial information and business consultation.

Provide the personnel of our members with business training.

Organize our members to take part in the promotion negotiation and the exhibition of international commodity.

Promote exchange and cooperation between our members and international organizations or enterprises within the same line of business.

Introduce trade, economic cooperation and business channel under the commission of national or international client, provide legal consultation and translation or interpretation service

Serve foreign business organization, civil association, and trade enterprises for their review or negotiation in China.

Willing to establish wide cooperation with international trade organization, commercial association and import &export enterprises in order to contribute more to trade, economic cooperation and exchange between Beijing and the world.

General administrators and office number

Director: Wang Yaoping
Deputy Director: Quan Enru  Jia Weili Ren Changjian Zhou huan  Xu jian Zhang Xuequn
General Secrectary: Chu Peixia Tel: 010-84289881
Office: Tel: 010-84289002 84289009
Information centre: Tel: 010-84288500
Member department: Tel: 010-84289902
Business development department: Tel: 010-84289909 84288057
Training department: Tel: 010-84289910
Contact Department: Tel: 010-84285808
Exhibition center: Tel: 010-84287202 Fax: 010-84289002
Sodality of Beijing I&E Enterprises and Foreign Business Representative Organizations, Beijing Tel :010-84285808
Address: xiaohuangzhuang North Street No.2, Hepingli ,Chaoyang District,Beijing
Post code;100013
Beijing Import & Export Enterprises Association